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What is Vaasan Lyseo?
Vaasan Lyseo (just call us "Lyska") is an upper secondary school in Vaasa, Finland. With long traditions and still changing with times, Lyseo has proved to be a popular choice for students. Vaasan Lyseo is the oldest Finnish-speaking school of this kind in the district of Southern Bothnia in Western Finland. The school was established in 1880. One of the two school buildings is 100 years old, but it was completely renovated during 1995-96, the other building in 2012, and the classrooms and equipment are fully up to date. We have about 900 students and 60 teachers. Vaasan lyseo works in co-operation with other educational establishments in Vaasa. For example, some of our students take part in courses at the University of Vaasa, while others take music lessons in Kuula-opisto (a music institute). We also have an adult evening school working in the same buildings and partly sharing the same personnel.
The students have lots of different courses to choose from. Languages and science studies are perhaps the most important part of the curriculum.
Links: If you are looking for general information about Finland, a good place to start is This is Finland, a large collection of web pages and further links maintained by the Foreign Ministry. You'll find among other things Finnish food recipies. Information about the city of Vaasa can be found at You can also arm yourself with a dictionary and skim through the Finnish pages of Vaasan Lyseo.